Top 4 Ways to Allergy-Proof Your Home

Posted on: 27 January 2020

Are you tired of itching and sneezing in your own home? Here are 4 ways to allergy-proof your house. Use Green Cleaning Products in the Kitchen When you think of allergens in the kitchen, your mind most likely goes to peanuts and shellfish. However, food allergies aren't the only risk—cleaning products can cause an allergic reaction too. Many kitchen cleaning products are formulated with harsh chemicals to remove germs from surfaces and keep them out of food.
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Ammoniated Carpet — Why Cat Urine Puddles on the Mat Are Bad News for You

Posted on: 23 January 2020

Cats are energetic and curious creatures that don't only make great companions but are also always willing to give you the space you need. If you have a cat at home, be ready to accommodate pet "accidents" and bad habits like peeing outside the litter box. Keeping your cat indoors protects it from outdoor dangers such as homeless feral cats, dirt, diseases, parasites, running away and being stolen, but it may affect you in some ways.
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Two Things You Should Tell Your Cleaner Before They Pressure Wash Parts of Your Home

Posted on: 22 January 2020

If there are a few areas of your home that are quite dirty and you've decided to get a cleaning business which offers pressure cleaning services to clean these areas, there are certain things their cleaner will need to know before they can do this job. Read on if you want to learn what these things are. Whether or not you need the water to be hot You should let the cleaning business know if they need to provide their cleaner with a hot-water pressure cleaning machine when he or she visits your property.
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What Residents Who Use Garbage Chutes Should Know

Posted on: 20 January 2020

In large residential buildings where there is a need to discharge rubbish from high levels of a structure to a skip located on the ground, garbage chutes really come in handy. These rubbish transfer aids facilitate safe and efficient disposal of waste by eliminating the need to drop or tip unwanted debris or materials from a high height in an uncontrollable manner.  For residential rubbish chutes to work well, they should be used the right way.
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