Carpet Steam Cleaning Versus Carpet Dry Cleaning

Posted on: 2 December 2020

Since you might not have the necessary equipment needed to thoroughly clean your carpet and avoid damage caused by stains and dirt located deep within the carpet's fibres, carpets, especially cotton, woollen and polyester, need to be cleaned professionally.  

Regular DIY carpet vacuuming and cleaning is still essential in preventing the accumulation of too much dirt, which can cause respiratory illnesses, so don't dismiss it. Here are two professional carpet cleaning services you might come across and when to choose a particular method.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Your carpet is first hard vacuumed to remove particles that are lodged deep within the fibres. If water is injected into your carpet before these particles are removed, mud can form, which can make cleaning difficult. Once vacuumed, it is pre-treated to ensure the stains come off and pre-sprayed to ensure the top layer of the carpet is softened to allow the carpet steam cleaning equipment to reach deep within the carpet's fibres.

A piece of equipment that emits hot water at high pressure is then used on the carpet, where hot water is injected into your carpet and then extracted. Because of dirt, the water extracted is brownish; that is why this process is done repetitively until the water extracted looks clean. Clean water is an indication that all the dirt has come out and your carpet is clean.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

During the carpet dry cleaning process, your carpet is also hard vacuumed and then treated using a mixture of dry-cleaning solvents and water (treatment is done to break down oils that make dust stick onto your carpet).

A piece of equipment referred to as a rotary carpet dry cleaning machine is then used on the carpet. Wet cotton pads are attached to the machine, which then spins over the carpet to dislodge dirt. The cotton pads are replaced when they become dirty, and the cycle stops when the pads stop becoming dirty.

Which Method Should You Choose?

This is mostly dependent on two factors: the material of your carpet and whether steam cleaning can damage it and whether you urgently need your carpet.

If you urgently need your carpet, choose carpet dry cleaning because your carpet dries faster. You should, however, note that if the carpet cleaning specialist finds your carpet extremely dirty, they may utilise the two methods above for maximum cleanliness results. You might pay higher if both methods are used.

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