Key Factors that Pet-Friendly Offices Should Look for in a Commercial Cleaning Service

Posted on: 14 February 2020

In the past, offices were serious spaces where staff or clients were not allowed to bring their pets. However, this is changing today, as pet-friendly offices are growing. Most importantly, however, is that office managers have to change the way they clean their offices. You can no longer use the same cleaning techniques. Luckily, office cleaning service providers who offer pet-friendly cleaning services are available, but you have to find the right firm. This article provides a guide for choosing pet-friendly cleaning services. Read on to find out more.

Pet-Friendly Detergents

Office couches and carpets usually harbour a wide range of debris and bacteria, and it is even worse when pets are around. The debris can range from pet fur to fleas, not to mention urine. While harsh detergents might seem the perfect solution for cleaning up dirt, they are rarely pet-friendly. Since your goal is to create a safe environment for staff and their pets, it is important to choose a service provider that only uses pet-friendly cleaning detergents. Most of the detergents are made from natural products and have no adverse effects on the pets. 

Pet-Friendly Air Fresheners

As mentioned earlier, pet fur, urine, and all other forms of dirt can leave an office with an offensive odour strong enough to send clients away. Office managers often combat this with air fresheners. However, how pet-friendly are the air fresheners you are using ? Some air freshening products are made from chemicals, most of which are harmful to both humans and pets. A professional commercial cleaning service provider understands this and only uses pet-friendly air fresheners. Both the employees and pets will enjoy the sweet-smelling aroma of naturally extracted air fresheners. The fresh scent might also improve staff productivity.

Proper Office Arrangement

Different offices have different layouts based on the smooth flow of staff and clients in and around the space. Such plans are easy to manage in an office that does not have pets. However, offices that allowed pets offer a whole new challenge because the office layout must factor in space for the pets. For example, pets need downtime and a play area. As such, the cleaning service provider should create a pet zone as part of the cleaning process. The pet zone allows pets to rest and play away from the staff and also helps keep dirt and debris in one area, consequently making cleaning manageable.

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