When Should You Get Your Office Fogged?

Posted on: 28 December 2022

Fogging is one of the most powerful ways to clean an office block. Using a "fog" of aerosolised disinfectant, cleaning companies can penetrate every area of your office and completely deep-clean the entire area. Nowadays, there are even dry fogging products available, allowing companies to fog offices without causing moisture damage to computers and electronics.

Of course, given that fogging is one of the most intense forms of cleaning, it's not necessary for regular weekly cleaning. So, when should you get your office block fogged? Here are four situations where it's often necessary.

1. After an illness outbreak

One of the most common situations where fogging is necessary is after an illness outbreak. In order to get your business back on its feet quickly without the virus spreading to any healthy employees, it's important to kill every pathogen spore in the block. This can be difficult with regular cleaning methods, but fogging is an effective way to quickly and thoroughly disinfect the entire office, including air ducts that can circulate spores.

It may be necessary to repeat the fogging process multiple times to fully disinfect the space, and you may also want to consider increasing the frequency of your regular cleanings in the aftermath to keep the illness at bay.

2. After renovations

You may also want to consider dry fogging after office block renovations. Renovating your offices can release volatile organic compounds into the area. Paint, for example, often contains VOCs, and employees who inhale the particles may face breathing issues. Plus, these compounds can cause unpleasant odours, making daily work difficult.

Fogging is an effective way to target such compounds, sanitising the area quickly and thoroughly. As such, it's a good cleaning to schedule on the day after renovations have been completed.

3. After a flood

If you've been the unfortunate victim of an office block flood, you'll need to clean the area much more thoroughly than usual. It's often difficult to remove all traces of water after flooding; excess moisture is a breeding ground for mould and other contaminants. From allergic reactions to breathing problems to skin irritation, this mould can be hazardous to your employees' health.

Fogging helps to contain and kill mould spores, disrupting the fungal cells so they can be easily wiped away afterwards. It's also an effective way to treat large areas, making it ideal in the aftermath of a flood.

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