How to Clean Your Office Carpet with the Minimal Disruption

Posted on: 26 October 2021

Many office facilities are fitted with wall-to-wall carpeting. It's cost-effective, sound deadening and comfortable underfoot, especially for those who spend long hours behind their desks. Yet this type of flooring can come with a problem – accumulated dirt. If it's been some time since you had the carpet cleaned in your facility, what is by far the best approach here?


Of course, if you have an extensive facility, you will need to bring in a professional carpet cleaning team to do the work for you. You will typically want to do it out of hours, and most of these teams will work with you so that you experience the least disruption.

Wetter Is Not Better

You are best advised to go for a dry cleaning solution as well. Certainly, it is possible to "wet" clean any carpet as was most common decades ago, but it does come with a number of potential drawbacks.

Some types of carpeting are prone to shrinkage, and this could happen if the temperature or moisture content was suddenly increased. Also, the wet cleaning method takes a long time to dry and especially in temperate climates. If the ambient air temperature is relatively low, the carpet may still be wet a couple of days later, and that will present its own separate challenges. Your office may not be ready for returning staff, and there is a risk that mould or mildew could begin to form. Of course, this could be a health risk to staff or visitors and can often be difficult to contain.

The Dry-Cleaning Approach

When you choose to dry-clean, you will avoid all of those issues. As the name implies, no or very little moisture is used throughout the entire operation, so you do not have to worry about drying time, shrinkage or mould.

Instead, tiny granules are sprinkled onto the surface of the carpet using a special machine. Sometimes, pre-cleaners can be used first and especially in areas that are heavily soiled.

These granules will automatically break down the dirt and hold it in suspension, ready for removal. They can be brushed into the pile using the cleaning machine or by hand in difficult-to-reach areas. The machine will agitate the carpet, lifting the pile and removing the granules complete with the dirt. Then, they are simply vacuumed away, and the carpet is as good as new.

Get Professional Input

Always entrust this work to professionals. They'll get the work done efficiently, and according to schedule, so you can minimise your downtime. Contact local carpet cleaning services to learn more. 


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