How to Deal with an Underground Pipe Blockage at Your Industrial Facility

Posted on: 1 July 2021

If you are responsible for maintenance at a large commercial facility, then you will need to ensure that your drainage and sewer systems are in great condition at all times. Some of these underground pipes are pretty substantial and need to evacuate liquids or waste in large quantities and without any interruption. Due to the scale of your operation, therefore, you may need industrial-size help for your unwanted industrial problem! So, what equipment will you need if some of your underground facilities are backing up?

Underground Hazards

As you undoubtedly know, adverse weather and soil conditions can play havoc with any subterranean facility. Long periods of drought can cause the water table to shrink, while natural movements can also impact any sewer or drainage pipes beneath. While these pipes may be substantial in size and designed to deal with problems, they may not always be up to the task, and in this case, you need to repair the issue without any major excavation.

Your Only Solution

To do this properly, you need to bring in a vacuum excavation truck designed for the purpose. Then, working with specialist technicians, you need to locate the source of the problem and draw up a plan. If an external event has breached the pipe and caused a blockage, the experts may need to send some cutting equipment down the line to get rid of this debris first. Alternatively, if a buildup of sludge may have caused a blockage at a pipe junction or around a bend, then you certainly need to use the capabilities of the vacuum truck to shift that mess.

How It Works

This vehicle can vacuum and flush using highly pressurised water. It will clear sludge, fat, silt, grease or any other type of industrial waste without too much delay.

A large amount of water will be sent under high pressure through the pipe to the problem area, so it unblocks the pipe or drain in a fraction of the amount of time it would take to do this manually.

Most of these systems use a CCTV camera as well for initial inspection and subsequent analysis. The technician will ensure that the drain is in good condition after the work and advise you about your next course of action.

Safe Disposal

If the material retrieved from the pipe is toxic, you needn't worry about drainage, as the truck will vacuum it all into an onboard tank. The technician will then take it away to an approved facility for safe disposal.

Experts to the Rescue

As you need to get this issue taken care of as soon as possible, call the experts for their help. A vacuum excavation truck (aka "sucker") will come to your rescue.


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