Advice For Maintaining Your Marble Floor

Posted on: 5 May 2021

Whether you have it in your home or your business premises, marble flooring will looks opulent and has a luxurious feel when you step over it. Some people think that, as a natural stone, marble doesn't need much by way of maintenance to keep it look good. This is a mistake, however, and you should call in professional floor polishers to keep it looking gleaming. Most people will do this at least once a year, but in areas that get a lot of traffic, such as a reception area, it is likely you will need to book your floor polishers more often. What should you do to keep your marble floor in good condition between polishes?


As well as polishing your marble floor, which will restore its lustrous look and provide it with a layer of protection, you should mop it every few days. This is because, just like any other type of floor, dirt can become ground in when it is stepped on. Your floor polishers can remove ground-in dirt, but it takes more effort unless you keep on top of it by mopping. However, it is crucial that you do not use a sopping wet mop on a marble floor. Instead, use a mop that is only just damp to clean it and remove superficial dirt. 

Deal With Stains

As any professional floor polishers will tell you, stain removal is hard when you are dealing with a porous stone like marble. If red wine, orange juice, coffee, or anything else that is likely to stain a white marble floor is spilled, then use a non-abrasive sponge to pick up as much of the offending liquid as possible. The next step is to call in professional floor cleaners or to clean the area yourself with a dry microfibre cloth until the stain has been successfully removed.

Avoid Abrasive and Chemical Cleaners

In some cases, people will attempt to deal with a mark on their marble floor by buffing it with a chemical or abrasive cleaner. Both methods are often regretted, as they will often remove a mark but leave behind an inconsistent appearance. Cleaners that contain acids or alkalis will probably mark the marble, so opt for a neutral soap instead. Ensure your floor has completely dried out before polishing it with sealant to protect it once more and seek professional advice from a cleaning company if you have any doubts.


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