Four reasons for using a mould removal service

Posted on: 5 January 2021

There are many professional services who specialise in removing mould from your home, but you may be uncertain as to whether such a service is necessary. Here are some reasons why mould removal is an essential service.


Most importantly, there are numerous health issues associated with mould. Mould is a fungus that releases spores that can cause health problems with anyone nearby. People with allergies are particularly susceptible and can suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems, including coughing, sneezing and nasal congestion. It can also cause problems for people with weakened immune systems, who can have particularly severe allergic reactions to the spores. These problems usually improve as soon as the mould is removed.


As well as damaging your health, mould can also damage your home. Mould tends to grow on building materials such as wood and will then begin to rot the material. This "dry rot" can cause significant damage to the wooden frame of your house and can also grow through plaster and even brickwork. If the problem is found early, the mould can be simply cleaned off, but if it is ignored, the wood may need to be replaced. The sooner the problem with the mould is addressed, the easier — and cheaper — it will be to deal with.


The third problem with mould is its unsightly appearance. Black mould growing in your window frames is a sign of a house that is not being looked after and can dampen the spirits of those who live there, as well as putting off any visitors. Getting the mould cleared off can brighten up your home and significantly improve on your mood. A properly maintained home is the key to a happy and fulfilled family life, so you owe it to yourself to deal with any problems.


Finally, mould can produce an unpleasant damp odour that can permeate your entire house. This musty smell is caused by gas released from organic compounds and can make your house an unpleasant place to live. Although the smell is not dangerous in itself, it is a sign that there are problems with mould which will need to be addressed.

Mould can damage your health and home. The best way to remove it is to contact a professional mould removal service, who will identify the source of the problem and turn your house back into a home.

If you have additional questions about mould removal, contact a local mould professional.


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