Deceased Estate Cleaning for Hoarders

Posted on: 29 January 2020

When a loved one dies, managing their estate can feel emotionally challenging. This becomes more pronounced when that person suffered from a condition that caused them to hoard their goods. From traumatic life events to obsessive-compulsive disorder, lots of conditions can cause hoarding to be a problem. If you need assistance with clearing a loved one's things after they passed, it's time to learn how a deceased estate cleaning service can help.

Removing Unwanted Possessions

Amidst your loved one's clutter, there are likely some valuable goods, too. However, reaching them can be difficult when there's a lot of other items around them.

Those who provide hoarder cleaning services are adept at identifying what is and isn't junk. You can inform them of items to look out for or anything you attach emotional value to. If they're ever unsure, they'll contact you to discuss their approach.

Tackling Emotional Strain

You may find that addressing someone's hoarded goods would be manageable under other circumstances. But as hoarding is often a symptom of a bigger underlying condition, doing so when someone has passed away can feel emotionally draining.

The right deceased estate cleaning providers will act with emotional sensitivity so as to alleviate any strain you may feel. When you're able to step into your loved one's house while it's free from junk, you may feel easier about their passing.

Removing Household Hazards

Sometimes, hoarding can result in the formation of hazards. For example, large piles of paper act as a fire risk. Gathering certain items may also result in mould. Finally, if there's organic matter amongst your loved one's items, that can cause health hazards.

Your deceased estate cleaning team will know how to address such hazards. They'll also report on them so that you can draft in other specialist teams after they finish. This gives you a stronger chance of preparing their house for living in. 

Preparing for a Sale

If you don't want to keep your loved one's house in the family, it's natural to want to prepare it for a sale. Unfortunately, this can take a long time when you need to clear items out yourself.

Hoarder cleaning services move quickly so you can get to marketing the property sooner rather than later. You'll also have an easier time marketing the property because you'll be free to take photos of it.

With a deceased estate cleaning service, addressing the passing of a loved one becomes less stressful. By finding someone who specialises in hoarding, organising your loved one's stuff becomes easier, too.


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