Two Things You Should Tell Your Cleaner Before They Pressure Wash Parts of Your Home

Posted on: 22 January 2020

If there are a few areas of your home that are quite dirty and you've decided to get a cleaning business which offers pressure cleaning services to clean these areas, there are certain things their cleaner will need to know before they can do this job. Read on if you want to learn what these things are.

Whether or not you need the water to be hot

You should let the cleaning business know if they need to provide their cleaner with a hot-water pressure cleaning machine when he or she visits your property. Not all pressure washing machines have heating elements that can warm up their water supply. As such, unless you specifically request one that has a heating mechanism, the cleaner may arrive with a pressure washer that only uses cold water.

You may need a hot-water pressure washer if the areas that you need to have cleaned are covered in a lot of oily stains, as the heat of the water will help to loosen and liquefy these grimy substances, which will make them easier to remove. You may also want to ask for this particular piece of equipment if you are concerned about sanitation, as scalding hot water is excellent at killing a wide variety of microorganisms.

Which specific features you want them to use the pressure washer on

When booking this cleaning service, you should also discuss the specific features that you want the cleaner to wash with this equipment. There are two reasons for this; firstly, there are some items that a pressure washer should not be used on; for example, it is not the most suitable piece of equipment with which to clean old, single-paned windows, as these are too fragile to cope with the force of pressurised water. As such, if you mention that you want to have windows like this cleaned with the pressure washer, the cleaner might inform you that this is not the right machine for this particular job and may instead bring along some other window-washing equipment.

Secondly, if you tell them you need your garden fence washed and your garden is tiny and filled with lots of flowerbeds, plant pots and ornaments, then the cleaner might decide to bring a compact pressure washer, as it will be easier for them to fit the equipment into this space. Using a less bulky pressure washer in this setting will also reduce the likelihood of the equipment knocking over plant pots and garden ornaments when the cleaner is pulling it around.


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