What Residents Who Use Garbage Chutes Should Know

Posted on: 20 January 2020

In large residential buildings where there is a need to discharge rubbish from high levels of a structure to a skip located on the ground, garbage chutes really come in handy. These rubbish transfer aids facilitate safe and efficient disposal of waste by eliminating the need to drop or tip unwanted debris or materials from a high height in an uncontrollable manner. 

For residential rubbish chutes to work well, they should be used the right way. Here are some essential tips for people who rely on chutes to remove garbage from their homes.

Only accepted items should be placed in the garbage chute.

While garbage chutes can transfer most household rubbish to the collection point located at ground level, not all waste items should be thrown down the chutes. There are two main reasons for this limitation.

To start with, some waste types are hazardous and shouldn't go into the skip located on the ground. The rubbish removal company can refuse to pick up rubbish that contains unacceptable waste items, or they can impose heavy fines for violation of the terms of service. Flammable items such as cigars and cigarettes should also not be dumped into the chute system because they can result in fires.

Secondly, some objects can damage the compactor that breaks the accumulated waste into smaller pieces, resulting in expensive repair work.

Loose or large waste items shouldn't be put in the garbage chute. 

Before discarding any waste items into the garbage chute, it is important to put them in an approved bag and tie it properly. It is, however, important to make sure that the loaded bags are compact enough to easily pass through the inlet hopper – that is, the flap opening of your chute system. 

Large objects that can't fit inside the flap opening should be taken to the main garbage room located in the basement or bottom section of the building. Such objects can clog the chute system and hinder the transfer of rubbish until someone clears the back-up. 

Garbage chutes are a very practical and convenient option for families living in multi-floor residential buildings. These waste transfer systems eliminate the need to carry bagged waste from high levels of the building to skips placed in the basement or along the street. The secret to keeping residential rubbish chutes working properly at all times is to provide residents with guidelines on the proper use and limitations of such waste disposal systems. Talk to a rubbish removal chutes specialist for advice or further information about chutes.

To learn more, contact a garbage chute contractor.


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