3 Creative Ways for Maintaining Commercial Bins in Restaurants

Posted on: 20 January 2020

As a commercial garbage bin maintenance business, working with restaurants can be challenging. The reason is that restaurants produce a lot of organic and inorganic waste that ends up in the bins. Some of the waste can be stubborn and difficult to clean, consequently taking up more time to manage. Therefore, garbage bin cleaning services must be creative enough to ensure efficiency in operations. This article highlights ingenious ways your business can clean and maintain commercial bins. Read on to find out more.

Washing Bins Upside Down -- Due to the amount of waste that restaurants produce, most hotels have to hire medium- or large-sized bins. Notably, washing a bin as big as a semi-truck requires effort and time if done the traditional way. Besides, you end up using a lot of water due to the amount of lather that gathers in the bin. A better approach is to spray the soap inside the bin, turn it upside down and then use a garden sprinkler. The pressure from the garden sprinkler is enough to loosen waste, and every side is cleaned in record time. The approach reduces the amount of time, soap and water spent cleaning the bins. 

Apply Essential Oil on Bin's Lid -- A common characteristic of waste from restaurants is that it rots fast and the odour can be pungent. While owners can minimise this unwelcome smell by keeping the lid closed at all times, it might not be enough, especially if there are pick-up and disposal delays. As a bin cleaning and maintenance service provider, you can help your clients to mask the smell of organic waste with essential oils such as tea tree oil. Once the bin is clean and dry, apply the essential oil of choice around the bin's lid. The area around the restaurant kitchen will become free of foul smell from garbage bins. 

Sprinkle Lime to Rid of Maggots -- As mentioned earlier, restaurant waste rots fast, and this leads to the growth of larvae, mainly when the bins are not disposed of in time. In such an instance, instead of spraying the maggots with high-pressure water, you can achieve a better result with lime. Sprinkling lime or salt on the maggots around and inside the bin dries them out fast. Once you are done cleaning the garbage bin, no maggots will be alive.

This tips should help with commercial bin maintenance


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